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Yash Dhakal writes: It wont be late…

Let’s buckle up or tomorrow might be too late.

Let’s buckle up or tomorrow might be too late.

28 may 2008 the day when Nepal was officially free from any kind of dictatorship. But my question is are will really free? Does our nation satisfy the meaning of democracy? There are many questions left to be answered and the sad truth is questions are unheard, questions are pissed between laws, procedures, post, power etc.

It was gloomy day. Me and my mates from the circle club had decided to pay a visit to the Satyagrahees . My excitement and my will to be a part of the movement led me to Basantapur an hour earlier than we had decided. IHH and I had a first eye contact immediately after I reached there , my respect for him and the hesitation in me made me look away as if I was not there to witness what magic they really had that is attracting to many people. I was somewhere behind the tent analyzing what was going around when Samaira Shrestha the other Satyagrahee gave me an Invite. It was such an overwhelming moment. I felt so lucky to have a seat with the rebels, after a while I got comfortable and for my amusement: we started cracking jokes. My brain could not digest what was going on. My eyes see two people quietly dying for the nation, but the smiles on their faces proved how strong their conviction was.


It was not just a day for me. That day I went home with a heavy heart. They are not just two Satyagrahees for me, they are people who are making the constitution stronger every day, they are the ones who is making sure our nation has a silver lining in the black clouds .What I learnt is: it is not revolution that our nation needs, we need reformative pragmatism, what I learnt is worshipping Buddha is not enough having Budhtatwa is important. This is a spiritual reformation of our country.

As said “now better than never” it’s never too late to start. Now we need to understand that we all Nepalese are rebels with a cause now we must stand up for what is wrong, revolution is not an apple that falls when it’s ripe, you have to make it fall. The failure of IHH and Samaira is failure of each and every one of us. It’s our responsibility to save the nation, we are not even sure how many COVID cases we currently have, there is no proper facilities, and we are not explained where our hard earned tax money is going. Satyagraha is a result of government’s lack of urgency, transparency and accountability.

Let’s buckle up or tomorrow might be too late.

Writer YASH DHAKAL is Student of Rato Bangla School.

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